Walmart is using blockchain technology



Tracking down contaminated food has is a messy affair, sometimes taking retailers and food companies months to learn exactly what products they need to pull from store shelves.

Thanks to technology originally designed to monitor cryptocurrency, Yiannas’ vision is closer to becoming a reality—something that could put a significant dent in the number of foodborne illnesses that occur every year.

It’s part of a new program in which IBM is partnering with Walmart, Nestlé, Dole, Tyson Foods, Kroger, and others, to use blockchain technology to track food throughout the complex global supply chain.


Massive companies putting pressure on suppliers to use blockchain will migrate a huge swathe of the food world into one organized system.

Walmart has been using a pilot version of the technology, showing how blockchain can be expanded beyond the financial, health care, and natural resources sectors to be applied to the foods that consumers interact with every single day. Coupled with companies’ efforts to stop food-borne illnesses early on, this could signal a major moment in how humans keep the food system in check.

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